Forging Equipment

Rex Forge’s well maintained and upgraded equipment gives is a reliable, flexible and broad range of production capabilities.

The Company maintains a broad and deep range of equipment and stays one step ahead by regularly spending on preventative maintenance and upgrades. From a fully refurbished tool and die shop to a deep bench of replacement parts for its large presses, Rex Forge is prepared to deliver.

Forging Operations

Forging Operations

  • 1x 1,300 Ton Mechanical Forging Press
  • 2x 1,600 Ton Mechanical Forging Press
  • 2x 2,000 Ton Mechanical Forging Press
  • 5x 2,500 Ton Mechanical Forging Press
  • 1x 4,000 Ton Mechanical Forging Press

Each mechanical press has a dedicated computer-controlled induction heating system and trim press

Rex Forge also has a variety of Drop Hammers capable of producing less technically demanding forgings

Forging tool and die shop

Tool and Die Shop

  • Doosan 3-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • OKK VM7 3-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • 7x Maxicut Electrical Discharge Sinker Machine
Forging Drill Bits